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The Arts Insurance Program

Operas Dance Touring Theatrical

As we are the largest insurer of Dance Companies, Ballets and Touring Broadway Shows, we understand the performing arts. By providing insurance products specifically crafted to fill the needs of the Arts Community, The Arts Insurance Program has been able to not only provide comprehensive coverage, but also reduce the overall insurance costs of it's clients.

Our proprietary programs include those for:

  • Ballets
  • Choirs
  • Dance Company
  • Events
  • Festivals and Fairs
  • Films
  • Operas
  • Public Artists
  • Teaching Artists
  • Theatrical Groups
  • Theatres
  • Touring Productions

Those programs include:

  • General Liability
  • Inland Marine, including equipment rental, scenery, costumes and props
  • Workers Compensation
  • D&O/EPLI
  • Volunteer Accident
  • Errors and Omissions for Media Productions

    We solve the insurance problems of the Arts Community everyday.
    Our goal is to help you succeed!

To obtain a quote or for more information, please contact:

Meghan Shriver
Program Manager

Bob Middleton

George Close
Program Specialist


Teaching Arts Insurance Program

Our program for Teaching Artists provides $1,000,000 per occurence/$2,000,000 aggregate.

General Liability coverage through Arts Every Day.

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Pricing: $175.00 for 1 to 3 artists and $250.00 for up to 10 artistis.

Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization that serves a national community of artists and arts organizations. The Arts Insurance Program supports Fractured Atlas and serves as their link to the insurance industry.

Click here for more information about Fractured Atlas.

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