Arts Insurance Program

We provide insurance solutions for the Arts Community. Arts Organizations of all disciplines and genres are able to find comprehensive, aggressively priced insurance packages with AIP. As the largest insurer of Dance, Ballet, and Touring Shows, the AIP has shown itself as the best insurance option for performing groups of all sizes. We partner with filmmakers and production companies to craft insurance programs for their unique operations. With over 5,000 clients nationally, we understand the unique needs of the industry.

Let us provide a comprehensive program including:
By choosing these services, you get access to up-to-date insurance products, advice from industry specialists, and comprehensive services that cover these proprietary programs:
  • Ballets

  • Touring Productions

  • Operas

  • Dinner Theaters

  • Filmmakers and Documentary Producers

  • Shakespeare Theatrical Organizations

  • Dance Companies

  • Public Artists

  • Festivals & Fairs

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Galveston Historical Foundation once struggled to find insurance representatives who not only appreciated historic buildings and vessels, but also understood the complexities of owning and managing these valuable treasures.  Following Hurricane Ike in 2008, MDP and the National Trust Insurance Services proved their value and commitment.  We now enjoy almost ten years of service and have the confidence of a comprehensive insurance package that we review annually.  This confidence allows us to do what we do — interpreting and stewarding these nationally recognized historic properties—and MDP and NTIS to do what they do—service a customer with loyalty and an eye for cost efficient insurance coverage.

Dwayne Jones, Executive Director, Galveston Historical Foundation