Builders Risk & Renovation Insurance

Builders Risk & Renovation

If you operate a company that performs any type of contract work, then Maury Donnelly & Parr, Inc., (MDP) can show you how to protect your business. From liability exposure while driving on the road to liabilities associated with the business contracts, MDP provides you with contractor’s insurance services that will help ensure your business isn’t jeopardized by accidents and errors. Consider the following coverage options we offer to protect your business:

General Liability Insurance

With general liability insurance, you protect your business from lawsuits that stem from negligence. Whether the lawsuit is frivolous or founded, general liability insurance may help you cover the costs of court fees, settlements, and attorney fees. With general liability insurance, you may not have to cover these costs with your business revenues, which protects your business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by many states for most businesses. With workers’ compensation insurance, you protect your business from hefty legal settlements and you provide your employees with the medical care and financial benefits required by law.

Commercial Auto Insurance

When you use a vehicle to conduct business transactions you must ensure that you have commercial insurance on the vehicle. Commercial insurance provides your business with larger coverage limits and helps you get the repairs you need if an employee is involved in an accident while driving your company vehicle.

Tools and Equipment

If your day-to-day operations require you and your employees to handle heavy machinery, then you need insurance protection for your tools and equipment. This insurance policy helps you continue business operations if your business tools are stolen.

Surety Bonds

If you provide contract services the United States government or other large business entities, then you will likely be required to have a surety bond. Surety bonds provide your business with credibility and help you gain access to profitable business contracts.

Galveston Historical Foundation once struggled to find insurance representatives who not only appreciated historic buildings and vessels, but also understood the complexities of owning and managing these valuable treasures.

Dwayne Jones, Executive Director, Galveston Historical Foundation