Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

As a business owner, your commercial property is important to continued operations. With many risks threatening your physical property, it is important to ensure you have the appropriate insurance so that your business can withstand catastrophic events including weather-related damage, fires, theft, and arson.

Our team of experts has years of experience assessing the needs of commercial property owners. They take their time and analyze your business, industry risks, and current insurance needs. Armed with that information, that create a tailor-made solution that will limit risk exposure for your commercial properties. From apartment buildings to retail facilities to offices, are licensed insurance experts understand the importance of having the appropriate type of insurance in place and the appropriate amount of insurance. As your partner, we help recommend insurance products that will help keep your business financially solvent despite facing a catastrophic event.

Our range of commercial property insurance includes the following:
  • Buildings and other structures on the property

  • Inventory

  • Furniture & Equipment

  • Earthquake

  • Improvements

  • Fences and walls

  • Employer’s liability

  • Hired and Non-Owned Commercial Liability

  • Owned Commercial Auto

We offer diversified commercial property insurance coverage to ensure that your business has all the protection it needs.

When you are ready to inquire about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. With a little information about your business, your property, and your needs, we can make a recommendation for you to ensure you have commercial insurance protection that doesn’t jeopardize your business profits.

As a growing business, our insurance needs are constantly changing. Whether its changes in health insurance regulations due to the ACA or adjusting for risk factors as our company expands, our brokers at Maury Donnelly & Parr have always been there to help. They are very responsive and professional in guiding us through these decisions in order for us to get the coverage that’s right for our company.

Shaun Wagner, CFO, Axom Technologies