Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance provides your business with financial protection against hefty lawsuits from your employees, stemming from on-the-job injuries. Workers compensation laws enacted in the United States protects both employers and employees and eliminates the need for employees to demonstrate who was at fault in an accident. With workers compensation, employees injured on the job may be entitled to medical benefits and weekly payments to help them financially as they go through the recovery process.

Maury Donnelly & Parr, Inc., offers many types of workers compensation insurance for businesses in various industries. By choosing industry-appropriate, customized workers compensation policy, you protect your business against financial losses.

By partnering with us, you can ensure that you have the right policy and the right amount of coverage to remain legal and financially solvent. Contact one of our agents today to discuss options for workers compensation insurance.

Benefits of Purchasing a Workers Compensation Policy

One of the main benefits of purchasing a workers compensation insurance policy is the fact that you will remain compliant with your state’s laws. By doing so, you avoid hefty fines, which reduces business profits.

Additional benefits include:
  • A reduction in on-the-job injuries, which helps improve productivity levels
  • A reduction in medical and disability costs, which helps your organization continue to be operational
  • A reduction in business process changes and regulations, saving you time and money
  • A safe workplace leads to a reduced cost for your workers compensation insurance policy

With the right workers compensation insurance policy and safety procedures, you can see significant improvements in your business throughout the organization.

As a growing business, our insurance needs are constantly changing. Whether its changes in health insurance regulations due to the ACA or adjusting for risk factors as our company expands, our brokers at Maury Donnelly & Parr have always been there to help. They are very responsive and professional in guiding us through these decisions in order for us to get the coverage that’s right for our company.

Shaun Wagner, CFO, Axom Technologies