Historic Property Programs

As a business operating in a historic building in the financial district of Baltimore, we know what it takes to preserve and maintain historic buildings. Our firm offers an array of insurance coverage options.

  • About NTIS

    National Trust Insurance Services, LLC (NTIS) was established in 2003 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, to help educate and provide organizations with historic properties proper insurance. Our insurance firm manages NTIS.

    Located in a beautiful 1904 historic building in Baltimore’s historic financial district, we understand and appreciate the unique needs of historic properties. We have become the expert in providing insurance solutions to preservation and main street organizations, historic homes, theatres, historic sites, museums, hotels, churches, commercial buildings, and other historic structures.

    NTIS has found that historic properties often have serious gaps in their insurance coverage. Standard policies often do not cover the features that make historic properties interesting, like raised panel wainscoting hand-hewn true dimensional lumber, and artifacts of local significance. Non-profit organizations also have their own special exposures, such as injuries to volunteers, decisions made by a board of directors, and liabilities for fundraising and other events. We strive to protect these unique features and needs of the historic properties community.

  • About LHAT

    MDP Programs has partnered with the League of Historic American Theatres to provide an exclusive and comprehensive insurance program that properly protects your organization’s most valuable asset. The Historic Theatre Insurance program has the ability to serve your theatre’s needs by designing solutions that address the complex and diverse exposures historic theatres face.

    MDP Programs assesses each organization’s risks, and uniquely tailors a customized and comprehensive insurance program that perfectly suits your organization’s needs and is not available in the general insurance marketplace.

    Coverages Offered:
    • Historic Property

    • Theatre Liability

    • Marquees

    • Historic Tax Credits

    • Theatrical Equipment

    • Performers Liability

    • Directors & Officers

    • Fine Arts

    • Renovation Projects

    • Employment Practices

    • Props and Costumes

    • Workers’ Compensation

    • Guaranteed Replacement Cost

  • Historic Property Coverage

    Our experience and knowledge within the industry makes us uniquely qualified to provide your organization with protections to ensure that you can restore your property if you face a catastrophic event. From fires to arson, we know that restoring a historic building requires more work and attention to detail than traditional homes. Restoring wainscoting, hand-hewn true dimensional lumber, and replacing artifacts requires a significant financial investment. Fortunately, we are experts in the field. We are here to provide you with the insurance coverage you need to ensure you have the financial resources necessary to repair or replace valuable items destroyed after a catastrophic event.

    We know that historic reconstructions require:
    • Skilled craftsmen, from decorative artists and muralists to stonemasons
    • Expensive materials, like hand-hewn timbers and vintage brick shapes
    • More rebuilding time, because of the labor-intensive process of historic renovation
    • Additional professional services, to assist in areas like recertification and recovery of tax benefits

    Don’t let these hidden costs stop you from restoring your commercial building.

  • Classes of Business

    We are dedicated to preserving any type of historical building.

    Different classes that your business or property may fall under:
    • Historic Homes

    • Historic Hotels

    • Historic Churches

    • Historic Commercial Buildings

    • Theaters

    • Museums

    • Main Street




  • Specialty Coverages

    By partnering with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company in 2009, we were able to create an insurance product that considers all the risks organizations face while managing a historic home. Our insurance product is offered exclusively through NTIS and other independent insurance agents NTIS partners with to provide the insurance coverage.

    For more information about the coverage, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.






For more information on specific services available from National Trust Insurance Services, please visit our website.

NTIS continues to impress with their expertise in historic property insurance as well as their understanding of multiple industry classes.

Kevin J. Kirby, Principal, Newport Insurance Agency