Jim Werking


Maury Donnelly & Parr welcomed Jim in 2018 after a successful 20+ year tenure with Bruce Grau and Associates.  Jim prides himself on his client-centric service approach and reputation in the industry cultivated over his 40 years in insurance. He has a commercial insurance focus and has tailored diverse risk management solutions for companies across all industries.  MDP’s special niche markets and programs have even furthered Jim’s capabilities of what he can do for his clients.

Jim grew up in Walkersville, MD and has a son and granddaughter in Charleston, SC.  When not working, Jim spends a lot of his free time on the golf course and at the gym.

Galveston Historical Foundation once struggled to find insurance representatives who not only appreciated historic buildings and vessels, but also understood the complexities of owning and managing these valuable treasures.

Dwayne Jones, Executive Director, Galveston Historical Foundation